Monday, 3 November 2014

Intercepted message from Pine to Sumac. We have an intelligence leak. (Episode 1)

Sent: Tues 2014-09-02 @ 8:45 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac
Subject: I've opened a can of worms.
Attached: 1 File (5 KB) KCQ_ABV0.doco


So, you were right. Ishmael did have a backup server, but I don't think he set that script to archive everything on the main servers. The code was effective but messy, that's why it took so long to break in. If Ishmael had designed it, I wouldn't have been able to get in at all. He would have embedded some malware to rickroll me before setting my laptop on fire.

And I was right, too. I think I know why things are starting to fall apart at Wyrd.

Did you know about the quarantine?

It looks like Bridget knew about the quarantine all along, too. I mean, I knew she was busy, but jeez - I had no idea what she was up to.

Check this out. Here's just one of her reports I found. Under other circumstances, I'd get a giggle out of how excited Bridget sounds at the end of the report. But then I count the number of reports she and others have submitted. There are hundreds of them in here! Hundreds, Sumac. And every one of them represents the answer to another missing person's case.

Call me, all right? I can't shake this feeling that somebody's watching me.

~Never Give Up...Never Surrender.~
Wyndham Kill/Capture/Quarantine Report
Preliminary Information
Case file: ABV-0
Name: Andre Boucher-Veneur
AKA: Dep
Added to k/c/q list: January 6, 2011
Date of capture: February 22, 2011

Metrics at time of kill/capture/quarantine
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 75 lbs
Age: 20
Sex: cis-male
Location of capture: Lachine, QC.
Occupation: homeless / unemployed
Infection status: suspected / carrier

Wyrd Agent(s) Assigned
Primary: Bridget Carnegie, Hector Two-Trees
Secondary: Uriah Griffonshire
Status: Successful capture. Interned in quarantine.

Suspected Vector(s):

1) John Geary-Graves, great-uncle, by way of his spouse Silvyan de Boncoeur (confirmed patient of Dr. Grey),
2) Roch “Hawk” Boucher-Veneur (brother, confirmed patient of Dr. Grey),
3) Vengeance (confirmed patient of Dr. Grey)

Capture notes:

Target ABV has been indigent since August 2010, following an assault charge laid by his father. Charges were laid after an altercation at Montreal Jewish Hospital where the target’s brother, Roch, had been a patient for several months, being treated for complications with cystic fibrosis. ABV accused his father of accepting bribes to allow Roch to undergo human experimentation. After father accused ABV of cowardice and questioning his authority, blows were exchanged. Father was admitted to same hospital with multiple contusions, two fractured ribs, a laceration from a broken bed rail, and a broken nose. ABV himself was treated for a black eye and released into police custody. Released on bail, and has been on the run ever since. (See quarantine report 2011_01_02-D, as father was also brought to quarantine).

In February, Wyrd Intelligence intercepted email communications between ABV and his great-uncle requesting pick-up at a coffee shop in Lachine, Quebec, as ABV wished to turn himself in and reconcile with the family in order to visit his brother Roch. Both Roch and Great-Uncle John had already been captured (see reports 2011_01_19-C and 2011_02_01-A).

Two-Trees and I posed as plainclothes officers and presented falsified RCMP identification. We explained that the wealthy John Geary-Graves had been abducted in the night and that we expected ransom demands. Asked ABV to come with us to the station. Once ABV was in the vehicle, Hector Two-Trees administered Etorphine by dart gun, and I secured ABV in the transport vehicle. ABV was then transported to the Wyndham staging area without incident. I left Two-Trees at the staging area, and proceeded to quarantine proper with Uriah.

Upon arrival, I believed that ABV was still under the influence of Etorphine, but as soon as I unlocked the manacles, ABV attacked, breaking my nose and cracking one rib. ABV then escaped the transport vehicle and ran from the hotel on foot. Uriah and I pursued, but ABV was surprisingly fast on his feet, even overland and in dense brush.

Just as we caught up to him, ABV ran headfirst into Vengeance, the biggest MF werewolf on the island, and that SOB punched Vengeance right in the crotch, quickly stunning (angering) the lycanthrope. When Vengeance attempted to bite ABV’s face off, ABV punched Vengeance in the nose. ABV tried again to escape, but Vengeance caught him by the throat and threw him half-way back to the hotel. I intercepted Vengeance and nearly had an unscheduled mastectomy for my troubles. Uriah then shot Vengeance three times in the head and began to upcycle to better defend himself against Vengeance. I also began to upcycle, but managed to hold off most of the change until after I had surrendered ABV into Dr. Foster’s custody for debrief and medical treatment. Pretty sure he'll be fine. At least now he's back with his family...however many are left.

Other notes:

If this guy makes it out of quarantine alive, I want him as an agent, because…hot dang.


B. Carnegie