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Do we stop her now, or wait? (Episode 2)

Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 1:34 AM
From: Sumac
To: Pine
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

what the hell, pine?? you asked me were you might be able to find your deleted files. i didnt say anything about hacking into the archives!!! i hope you covered yr tracks!!!

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Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 1:38 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

OMG, Sumac. Yes, I covered my tracks. I think I know a thing or two about electronic surveillance. I’ve been taught by the best.

But that’s not the point! People are missing, Sumac, and we’re making them disappear. Us. We’re abducting human beings. That’s so totally not in the Wyrd Charter.

Most of these people aren’t even infected, and we’re just throwing them into quarantine in the middle of nowhere to fend for themselves among brand new werewolves. Not just one or two werewolves either, but close to like fifty or sixty, and we’re sending them there to die.

So ask me if I care if I get caught.

Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 1:45 AM
From: Sumac
To: Pine
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

we wouldnt set up a qurantine if we didnt need one! coz we can barely afford it in teh budget right now.

listen. we have so many existing werewolves all needing new ids and relocation all at the same time right now, and none of them have jobs until we get them resettled. so we arent getting as much revenue as we used to. even ishmael isnt contributing half as much as he used to.

so we cant afford anything that we dont absolutely need!

we had eight new weres in brazil alone last year!!! maybe we have a serial biter on the lose thats causing a new epademic here in canada.

you know how this works. symptoms don’t show for months but in the meentaime victims are already infectous. they go back home to there wives and girlfriends and infect them, and if they break up and meet smbdy nnew…etc etc etc!!!!

we wouldnt make people disappear without a damn good reason coz it costs to much to cover up there tracks. i dont like it anymore than you do but its a neccessary evil.

leave it alone. you should know better than to pry into the exec counsil archives!!!!

god i hate typing on this thing. call me.

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Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 1:38 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

Necessary evil, huh?

Right. Okay. So you know my partner Magnolia? I’d been told she was promoted to lycanthrope three years ago and redeployed in Africa someplace?

Yeah. Half-true.

Just found a kill/capture/quarantine report for her too, with a follow-up from this “Dr. Foster” character who keeps popping up in all these reports. Turns out that the same day Magnolia was tossed into quarantine, she got torn to shreds by this ginormous lycanthrope named Vengeance, and was left for dead. And now she’s in quarantine for good, because it was a successful infection.

And you know Juniper? Been one of the longest surviving human field agents since Hector Two-Trees Sr.? That Asian girl who played Back in Black on the ukulele at the Christmas party in 2010?

Quarantined in March of 2011. Confirmed dead two days later.

Yeah, and your bff Spruce Banner? You said he got into trouble with Jay, and was redeployed to a station in England? Uh huh. Right. Quarantined back in 2009. And now dead. He lasted two weeks because someone took pity on him and tried to protect him. Then Vengeance found him and that was the end of that.

So, wow...necessary evil, huh?

Oh, and Dogwood? Quarantined, and dead not five minutes after they let him off the truck.

That’s how they’ve been retiring us, Sumac. They keep saying that they’ll promote us to lycanthrope, and that we’ll come back to Wyrd looking nothing like what we did when we were fully human. Then they bring in a new lycanthrope that we’re supposed to believe was one of us. If the plants don’t remember us or details of their past, we all get to blame first-transformation amnesia.

This is the BS they’ve been feeding us from the moment we’re sworn in.

But really? They’ve literally been throwing us to the wolves.

You sure you want me to stop digging?

Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 2:08 AM
From: Sumac
To: Pine
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

run a search on cypress

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Sent: Wednesday 2014-09-02 @ 8:20 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac
Subject: I've opened a can of worms.
Attached: 1 File (4.8 KB) KCQ_ADP0.doco

Found one.

Wyndham Kill/Capture/Quarantine Report
Preliminary Information
Case file: ADP-0
Name: Agnes Doria Petropoulos
AKA: Agent Cypress
Added to k/c/q list: (n/a, agent retired to quarantine)
Date of capture: February 29, 2012

Metrics at time of kill/capture/quarantine
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 160 lbs
Age: 45
Sex: cis-female
Location of capture: Staging Area, see notes
Occupation: Wyrd Agent, human
Infection status: suspected / carrier

Wyrd Agent(s) Assigned
Primary: Bridget Carnegie
Secondary: (n/a)
Status: Agent forcibly retired. Interned in quarantine.

Suspected Vector(s):

1) Helen (Last name unknown)
2) (enter name)
3) (enter name)

Capture notes:

Agent Cypress had opted for a six month rotation at the staging area in order to fast track promotion to lycanthrope. Agent had been on duty there for five weeks and was adjusting poorly to winter conditions. Agent had been treated multiple times for dehydration and other medical problems but stayed on duty, knowing she could not return to Wyrd nor to civilian status until after her rotation and promotion to lycanthrope, as her death had already been faked and a public funeral service held. She also stated a dedication to duty, and refused Wyrd headquarter desk jobs. Injuries from field ops missions in 2011 (car accident en route to a stake out) have also prevented her from pursuing further field work. On several occasions, I had requested that Cypress be granted a leave to Varco Lake to recover properly, as injuries, chronic pain and prolonged insomnia were beginning to cloud her judgement. These requests were repeatedly declined by acting field ops coordinator Angie Burly.

At approximately 3:00 p.m. on February 29th, the staging area camp received an alert that a quarantine inmate had begun to cross the bridge toward the mainland. At this time, contrary to standing orders, no agent – human nor lycanthrope – fired their weapons. I was officer in charge at the time, so I came to find out why no one was shooting.

To be fair, I can’t entirely blame the agents for not firing on command. I sympathize but I do not and did not approve. At time of capture nearly four years ago, Helen was only six or seven years old. After four years of malnutrition and extremely harsh living conditions, she is undersized for her current age of approximately 11. Upon seeing the child on the bridge, crying as she was, even I was reluctant to enforce the shoot-on-sight order. However, in that moment I decided that enough was enough, and that the child was better off dead rather than have to spend another day in quarantine.

I had drawn my weapon when Agent Cypress stood between me and the target, and she refused to move, even on pain of death. She reminded me that while child victims of AATS do not express symptoms until puberty, they do not have the physical equipment (claws, teeth, etc.) to infect anyone. I reminded her that child victims of AATS hit puberty eventually. I also reminded her that Helen would never be able to live a normal life elsewhere, particularly because of her fugitive months and this prolonged period of confinement during her formative years. She has been in effect raised by wolves, and will never be able to adapt to human civilization.

In direct violation of orders, Cypress then proceeded to cross the bridge toward the child. I frequently warned her that I would shoot if she returned to the staging area. Cypress then knelt in front of the child and spoke to her at length. After approximately seventeen minutes, Helen returned to quarantine, and Cypress remained on the bridge.

Cypress then turned toward the mainland camp. I issued escalating warnings and reminded her that she was now considered a carrier of AATS, had invalidated her fast track to promotion, and that she was endangering all other humans in the camp with cross-contamination. I observed that Cypress was weeping openly and may not have heard the initial warnings, so I fired a warning shot. Cypress stopped her advance toward camp, asked me if I would show compassion and let her return, and I replied that I had to show compassion for the other human members of the camp by preventing her return. She continued toward camp, at which point I shot her. No other shots were fired by myself or anyone else in camp. In my own distress, I made a bad shot. Injured, she turned instead toward quarantine, presumably to seek medical aid from Dr. Foster.

I hereby submit this report and await judgment from the Wyrd Council regarding my failure to act in a more aggressive manner. I have left the mainland camp under Uriah’s command in my absence.

Other notes:



B. Carnegie

Sent: Wed 2014-09-03 @ 8:32 AM
From: Sumac
To: Pine
Subject: Re: I've opened a can of worms.

all right, you have my interest.

seriously tho, call me. i hate all this back and forth by email. u nevr know who might be monitoring the servers.

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