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In this world of werewolves, murder, and secrecy, things are never as they seem.

They're always worse.

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Episode One: An Intelligence Leak

Human Agent "Pine" goes looking for a back-up of a file she accidentally deleted. Fellow agent Sumac suggests that maybe the file is stored on a redundant server. What Pine finds is not her file, but a series of kill/capture/quarantine reports that up-ends her world.

Little does she know that someone is watching her every move.

Episode Two: Do we stop her now, or wait?

Sumac is horrified to find out his friend has hacked Wyrd's own archives, and worse: that she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Pine is horrified that Sumac doesn't give a damn - especially when she discovers that it's not just human innocents who are disappearing, but also human Wyrd agents like themselves.

At least Sumac is paranoid about being watched.

Episode Three: The Farm

Like the forensic accountant he is, Sumac, now infected with Pine's curiosity-bug, does some digging of his own. He stumbles upon two other Wyrd agents - one human, one not - and overhears talk of a "Farm", and of plans to dump someone there.

Meanwhile, two other unknown players are listening in on the chatter between Pine and Sumac. The question is: do they intervene now, or do they let curiosity kill the cats?

Episode Four: Who Watches the Watchers?

Pine has an emotional meltdown, not because their lives are at risk, but because she has been helping Wyrd abduct hundreds of healthy human beings, and no one - not police, not government - is stopping them. Worse: hundreds of those healthy human beings have disappeared, and no one has missed them.

Episode Five: How Ferox Got Her Name

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Desperate to know more about those people whose lives she's helped destroy, Pine continues digging into the kill/capture/quarantine reports on the Wyrd Council Archives. She stumbles across one report that leaves her in bitter, hysterical laughter, because her old nemesis Jay Brandwine - a top Wyrd agent - was torn to shreds by a fledgling werewolf.

But this report raises a new and worrisome question: why is Angie Burley signing her reports with that rank and title?

Episode Six: One Missed Call

Sumac's paranoia hits an all-time high, partly because Pine won't stop hacking archives, partly because she refuses to send him emails *outside* easily-monitored Wyrd servers, and mainly because someone is calling him, repeatedly, at all hours of the day and night.

But at least he can defuse some tension by figuring out through travel itineraries that Ishmael has not been fired or replaced, but rather that he's on a long assignment in Eastern Europe.

Or so he figures.

Episode Seven: Wyrd is Going After Your Golden Boy

Sumac receives several purchase orders for travel. A number of lycanthropic Wyrd agents are headed to LaGuardia. He probably wouldn't have given it a second thought, if it hadn't been for the curious way Angie Burley had been signing her emails.

Episode Eight: The Moldova Incident

Pine's world unravels when she learns that her one hero at Wyrd is nothing more than a wanton, calculating murderer. At least Jay is true to his nature, but Ishmael? This was cold. And he was promoted for it.

Episode Nine: Why Accountants Are Bad For Business

Sumac, forensic accountant supreme, does some hacking of his own. He discovers what Wyrd has been planning all along for the inmates of the Wyndham Farms quarantine.

Episode Ten: Proof that Babysitting can be Hazardous to your Health

Five years after the fact, Pine discovers how close she came to being an inmate of the quarantine herself.

Episode Eleven: Strange, I didn't get an invite either

*Spoiler alert* Someone's in big, big trouble, and they're about to disappear.

Episode Twelve: Agents of Chaos

Snubbing two of the oldest living members of the Wyrd Council from an emergency meeting? That's more than rude. That's an act of war.

Episode Thirteen: The Official Announcement

The Agents of Chaos, human and otherwise, are only half-right. Ishmael is in huge trouble, but not for reasons they suspect. And Ishmael is about to lose some very important allies because of it.

Episode Fourteen: Math Problems

Things get tense when Pine and Sumac discuss the ethical implications of being a "lonely only". And once again, for Sumac something does not add up.

Episode Fifteen: Conspicuous by his Absence

Pine's insatiable curiosity leads her deeper down the rabbit hole, where she finds every name under the one.

Episode Sixteen: The Right Question

Pine and Sumac have bad feelings about judgment passed against Ishmael. For a moment, they set aside their emotional reactions and put their Wyrd investigative skills to good use. Up to now, they've been asking "why". They should have been asking "who".

Episode Seventeen: Into the Fire

The dynamic duo have a heart-to-heart about Sumac's past - and present - and just when they make a daring promise, their phones ring.

Episode Eighteen: The Madness is Catching

Before they commit to their plan, Pine needs Sumac to know exactly what they're up against: angry werewolves on the edge of madness, especially the one named Jay.

Episode Nineteen: The Ferryman Barges In

Sumac is blind carbon copied on an email from Dr. Gil Burton to Bridget Carnegie. What at first seems like a mistake turns out to be a whole new avenue of investigation. Just as Sumac and Pine debate whether or not to fall down another rabbit hole, a new player barges onto the line.

Episode Twenty: How Ishmael Got His Name

He had never meant for Ishmael's name to be so prophetic.

Episode Twenty-One: The Game is Afoot

"Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth," says Holmes. The problem is, after you've seen your first werewolf transformation, nothing is impossible.

Episode Twenty-Two: Two Missed Calls

Pine returns from abroad feeling refreshed, inspired, and full of bad ideas. Unfortunately, Sumac's voice mail runs out too soon.

Episode Twenty-Three: The Truth Disguised as a Lie

Pine undoes weeks of secrecy by walking into Varco Lake and telling them everything. Sumac bursts an aorta.

Episode Twenty-Four: Follow the Money

Sumac follows Pine's example and finds himself locked in with Dr. Gil Burton while all hell breaks loose just outside the door.

Episode Twenty-Five: Call Lost

Pine's phone calls Sumac, who becomes a ear-witness to a horror show.

Episode Twenty-Six: Bonewalkers

Desperate and in a panic, Sumac cashes in all his favours, when he misses another call.

Episode Twenty-Seven: No Longer In Service

While chatting with his fellow Agents of Chaos, Sumac steps away from his computer.

Episode Twenty-Eight: Silence is...

Official notices from Omnispectrus and the Wyrd Council.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Fallout

They've been found.

Episode Thirty: Kill/Capture/Quarantine

A new kill/capture/quarantine order is assigned to a blast from the past.

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