Friday, 13 March 2015

Kill / Capture / Quarantine (Episode 30)

Kill / Capture / Quarantine Order

Date of Issue: October 10th, 2014

Target name: Jay Brandwine
Aliases: Jason Brand, John Mohan, John Chin, Jim Murphy, William Berkman
Agent Callsign: Icewine

-          Gender / sex: Male / cis-male
-          Height: 5’5” (165 cm)
-          Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg / 11 stone)
-          Hair: brown
-          Eyes: brown
-          Skin tone: pale to tan
-          Ethnicity, can pass for: Caucasian, Eastern European, Near East
-          Languages spoken fluently: English, German, French, Spanish
-          Languages spoken passably: Low German, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Bengali, Burmese, Thai, Malagasy, Arabic, Mandarin

Threat level: 1 (Extreme)
Urgency Level: 1 (Civilians at risk, Wyrd at risk)
Recommendation (escort, drug and capture, sudden seizure, or DOA): DOA

Rationale for k/c/q: Agent is MIA despite recall orders to Varco Lake. Agent implicated in the firebombing of Wyrd-protected sanctuary known as Wyndham Farms. Agent wanted in the murder of two human agents (Pine and Sumac); wanted as person of interest in disappearance of Agent Larch. Agent wanted as a person of interest in $2.5 million dollar embezzlement of Wyrd funds. Wanted in connection with suspected lycanthropy-based snuff films and pornography trafficked on the internet.

Preliminary leads: Before her disappearance, Agent Larch mentioned several unaccountable trips with her senior field partner (Jay) to Sudbury Ontario, where he would disappear for up to four days at a time, leaving her in a hotel unsupervised and without orders. Larch also mentioned his irrational and erratic behaviour, especially whenever returning to Sudbury from his solo excursion. She had overheard several mentions of "Elmbury, Ontario" in his private phone calls, though it is unclear who he might have been talking to, or why. There are several personnel reports and complaints expressing Larch’s concern regarding Jay’s deteriorating mental state and increasingly bad or dangerous judgement calls. These complaints were dismissed without investigation.

Habits and patterns: Jay has frequently returned to England, Germany, Ireland, and Japan for holidays, with some rare excursions to Bangladesh, United Arab Emirites and Madagascar. Historically, he has had business holdings in UAE, Bangladesh, and Japan, though these have been liquidated since his declared bankruptcy in 2009. Jay rarely drinks, but has been known to experiment with some recreational drugs, especially amphetamines, benzodiazepines, and psychoactive mushrooms. Very rarely frequents restaurants, bars, sporting arenas, or other public venues. Prefers fish to beef.

Skills: substantial military training World War I and II, later Croatia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Continued mixed martial arts training, specifically Muay Thai and Silat. Expert in edged weapons, especially combat knives. 75 years’ experience as a Wyrd field agent. Polyglot and polymath.

Weaknesses: prone to irrational behaviour in human form, bloodlust in-cycle, prone to careless public exposure in-cycle.

Threat level to agents: Extreme
Threat level to civilians: Extreme
Threat level to exposure of lycanthropy to mass media: Extreme

K/C/Q issued by: Abram Haberman, Chair
K/C/Q seconded by: Chloe Anderson, Vice Chair
K/C/Q abstention: Angie Burley
K/C/Q vote: motion carried

K/C/Q assigned to: Owen Ishmael Chase