Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Call Lost (Episode 25)

Transcribed phone call to Sumac’s privately-owned prepaid phone

Sumac: Hello?

<dead air>

Sumac: Pine? You there?

<brushing noise, static>

Sumac: Pine, tell me you haven’t butt-dialed again. Damn it, you’re eating up my minutes.

Pine: <panting> Oh god oh god –

<repeated brushing noise, as if someone is running>

Pine: <panting> shit –

Sumac: Pine, are you okay? Where are you?

Pine: <distant> You there?

Sumac: Pine, where the hell are you?

Pine: No – hang on a second…

<wind blowing across mouthpiece, a car drives by in the background>

Sumac: Are you near a highway?

Pine: <breathless> Yes.

Sumac: Do you need someone to find you?

Pine: <very close, unintelligible>

<brushing noise, as if someone is putting phone in pocket.>

<silence, static>

<blaring car horn, squealing tires>

Pine: Shit!

<brushing noise, as if someone is running>

Pine: oof –

<breaking of wood>

Pine: Damn it, damn it, oh God –

<footsteps running away over branches or over frosty grass>


<slow, quiet footsteps>

<sniffing sound, as of a large dog>

<Sumac breathing>

Male Voice 1: North. Probably toward that gas station.

Male Voice 2: <unintelligible>

Male Voice 1: Wait. He’s pointing.

Male Voice 2: <unintelligible> for Jay to catch up and <unintelligible>

Male Voice 1: Exactly.

Male Voice 2: <unintelligible> smelling?

Male Voice 1: I don’t know. Wait – shit, he’s off – go after him, I’ll catch up.

<sound of several people running away from cell phone>

Sumac: Oh my God…

<car passing>

Sumac: Oh Pine…Come back…

<Logging truck horn blaring as it passes>

Sumac: Pine, for God’s sake, tell me you’re okay!


<male and female voices>

Sumac: Pine, give me a sign or something.

<skidding tires, automobile collision, shattering glass>

Sumac: …Oh my God…

<child crying in distance>

<Sumac breathing>

<second collision>

<sound of typing>

Sumac: Please God, Anders, be on line…

<man and woman screaming>

<sound of screaming / nails on blackboard>

Sumac: Chloe, come on, come on…! Don’t make me go to Angie for this one…

<footsteps, woman breathing rapidly, shuffling and rustling noises>

Pine: Oh my God.

Sumac: Pine!

Pine: Omigod omigod – Sumac, are you there?

Sumac: Pine, I’m here! Tell me where you are.

Pine: Ontario. Side of a highway.

Sumac: Which highway?

Pine: Transcanadian, I think.

Sumac: I’ve got the map. Talk to me.

Pine: <out of breath> I have to keep moving.

Sumac: Tell me where you are. I’ll get someone to pull you out.

Pine: Oh my God - <sobbing> Oh my God, Sumac, they’re killing those people!

Sumac: Focus, Pine. You can’t do anything for them. Stay with me. Give me a landmark. A town, a sign, anything.

Pine: Uh…oh god…Uh…I don’t know, but they said something about…about a…a factory. Foundry. Whatever. Oh God!

Sumac: Keep your voice down, or they’ll hear you.

Pine: They’re eating those people, Sumac! <sobbing>

Sumac: Focus on me, Pine.

Pine: <whispering> They’re not even dead yet!

Sumac: What was the last road sign you saw?

Pine: Uh…I don’t know…they…the windows were blacked out…I…I gotta keep moving!

Sumac: Walk and talk.

Pine: Gotta move while they’re…oh God…

Sumac: Get off the road but keep it in sight. Don’t run. You know they chase what runs.

Pine: I know.

Sumac: Remember your training.

Pine: I know.

Sumac: Are you hurt?

Pine: Uh…no…just a twisted ankle…

Sumac: The windows were blacked out. In what, a vehicle?

Pine: One of the Wyrd transport vehicles.

Sumac: They kidnapped you?

Pine: Yeah.

Sumac: And you escaped?

Pine: Yeah.

Sumac: That’s because you’re a damned good field agent, still human after fourteen and a half years. Don’t conk out on me yet.

Pine: There’s a sign up ahead.

Sumac: What’s it say?

Pine: I don’t know yet. I’m on the wrong side.

Sumac: Okay, keep talking to me.

Pine: This is huge, Sumac.

Sumac: The sign?

Pine: <panting, stumbling> I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I don’t know what he’s created or how he’s done it, but Sumac –

<car passing>

Pine: Sumac, they’re not human, and they’re not werewolf either.

Sumac: God help me…tell me it’s not vampires.

Pine: It’s not vampires.


Pine: Oh hell, they’re going right into the thick of it –

Sumac: Pine, unless I know where you are, we can’t help you!

Pine: Those cops are headed straight for them –

Sumac: Pine, tell me what the sign says! We need an extraction team out there, and we need situation control, but I can’t send them until you tell me what that sign says!

Pine: I’m going as fast as I can without being seen, dumbass!

Sumac: Then focus on your feet and not on those cops.

<tires squealing, glass shattering>

Pine: I’m almost there. Give me – give me another couple of seconds. God, Sumac, this place feels familiar. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear I was back home, where –


Pine: Oh shit.

Pine: Oh God – oh God – here he comes – Sumac!

<loud noise>

Call lost.