Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Silence Is... (Episode 28)

From: Badr ibn-Abadi
Sent: Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 9:15 a.m.
To: Omnispectrus Auditing and Forensic Accounting Team, Omnispectrus Small Business, Omnispectrus Personal and Private Business, Omnispectrus Corporate Tax
CC: A. Burley, A. Haberman
Subject: Team Announcements

Good morning,

Please note the following team changes.

This week, we bid a fond, temporary farewell to Chandra Mufti, as she departs for the next six months on maternity leave. We hope that you have a safe and easy delivery, and that Baby Mufti joins us here at Omnispectrus as soon as she can count her toy blocks.

We wish to extend congratulations to Sara Chu for her promotion to Senior Small Business auditor! Sara has been with Omnispectrus for over twelve years, having started as a personal assistant to George Landover, and progressing through the company from the Personal Taxes Team all the way up to Programs and Best Practices. Sara has been working hard these last few years to complete her MBA, which she completed early in 2013. Congratulations, Sara!

We also wish to extend a congratulations to Paul Richtor for his temporary reassignment to Senior Forensic auditor. Although Paul has been in the Corporate Tax department for the last four years, he has shadowed very closely with the forensics team. Having completed his degree in Criminology in 1998, he is delighted to at last be putting his education to use.

Please also note that Paul will be assuming the full workload of Sousa Sourenian, who has left Omnispectrus effective immediately to pursue other interests outside our organization. Please bear with Paul as he adapts to his new role. We appreciate your flexibility under such sudden circumstances, Paul! Keep up the good work.

Feel free to reach out to Chandra, Sara, and Paul with your congratulations and best wishes.



From: Abram Haberman, Chair
Sent: Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 9:23 a.m.
To: dl Wyrd Council Executive, dl Wyrd SitCon, dl Wyrd FieldOps General, dl Wyrd Agents General
Subject: Field and Support Ops Announcement

Hello all;

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the death of agents Pine and Sumac.

Field Ops Agent Pine has been a highly decorated field agent since 2000, when she was first inducted into our ranks. On that fateful day in March of 2000, Agent Pine discovered that her college roommate was being attacked on a campus park by a rogue lycanthrope. Without any regard for her personal safety, Agent Pine quickly subdued the lycanthrope with baseball bat and Taser, then managed to manacle the rogue to a staircase in a locked university outbuilding to await authorities. Furthermore, realizing the danger of a university-wide panic, Pine hacked campus police security videos and replaced all surveillance evidence with pre-recorded security footage. She was unable to save the life of her roommate, but by her efforts, unskilled as she was, she was able to subdue a rogue lycanthrope and save the lives of countless others in her community. Her death was faked that same month, and her new identity was created after Wyrd field training, under the tutelage of Owen Ishmael Chase. Her fourteen year career has been highly commendable, and she had been on track for promotion in February of next year. Out of respect for her family, we are withholding her civilian name and the cause of death.

Field Support Agent Sumac has been very much an unsung hero among agents, and likely unknown to most of you. In late 2007, Agent Sumac had been living a much different life abroad under extremely harsh circumstances. Due to reasons we hold confidential, Agent Sumac was brutally assaulted by members of his community and left to die in a fire in the middle of the village square. A Wyrd agent, who had been passing through at the time, rescued Sumac from the fire and nursed him more or less back to health. Using a Wyrd-policy loophole, the Wyrd agent in question offered to promote Sumac, in order to give him the greatest chance of survival and recovery; however, Agent Sumac declined. A second offer was made: to start a new life abroad (here in Canada) under an assumed identity and to work for Wyrd. Sumac heartily accepted, emigrated to Canada, and was soon employed as a forensic accountant. Since then, he has been invaluable in the hunt for rogue lycanthropes, tracking their movements through digitally-processed financial records. Sadly, Sumac was found at home by a concerned Wyrd agent, dead apparently of a chronic and untreated infection, the result of complications from his injuries sustained in 2007.

As always, donations will be accepted for a memorial for these two agents, but we request that you treat this communication as restricted information.

On behalf of all lycanthropes, we humbly applaud all human agents who have time and again demonstrated phenomenal courage in the pursuit of peace and safety of all, worldwide.

With my sincerest condolences,
Abram Haberman, Chair, on behalf the Wyrd Council