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How Ferox Got Her Name (Episode 5)

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Okay, I love this one, if only because of how pissed off Angie sounds in this one. You can practically hear that Deep South accent of hers once she really starts going.

Weird though…I thought Ishmael was our chief field ops coordinator.

~Never Give Up...Never Surrender.~
Wyndham Kill/Capture/Quarantine Report
Preliminary Information
Case file: DS-4
Name: Danielle Smith
AKA: Ferox
Added to k/c/q list: September 4, 2009
Date of capture: February 27, 2011

Metrics at time of kill/capture/quarantine
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 36
Sex: cis-female
Location of capture: Surrey, BC
Occupation: paralegal
Infection status: confirmed

Wyrd Agent(s) Assigned
Primary: Jay Brandywine, Angie Burley
Secondary: Graydon Mercy, Jane Lally, Iago Hernandez, Candy Prentice, Ralph Murphy Johnson, Kapila Wazir, Molly Chu San, Uriah Griffonshire, Agents Alder, Juniper, Dogwood, and Larch.
Status: Interned in quarantine.

Suspected Vector(s):

1) Confirmed patient of Dr. Grey
2) (enter name)
3) (enter name)

Capture notes:

Patient has got a name common to every province and state and half of the English speaking world. She’s got no listed next of kin on Grey’s patient list, and the address she gave him doesn’t even exist. Her occupation was listed as primary school teaching assistant, with only a high school education. The patient had also been listed as 5’6” and nearly 260 pounds – morbidly obese – with red hair going grey. Photographs provided of the patient were almost no match to the face we saw. We got a technician in San Diego to alter the photograph to simulate what she might look like if she lost weight and changed her hair color, but we hadn’t expected her to be so short, so fit, or fifteen years younger. We only positively identified her at the time of capture, and that was because of a real fast and real big upcycle, otherwise, she might of escaped again.

She’s got a case of amnesia – she says – but she managed to get herself a job with a fake resume and diploma. She’s been working as a paralegal for the last eighteen months. I figure she really was a paralegal at the time she went in to see Dr. Grey, and she lied about everything but her height and weight. Maybe she knew Dr. Grey was sketchy, but she was desperate enough to go ahead and seek his treatment. And maybe the amnesia’s all a put-on. It’s real hard to tell.

No idea how many people she’s infected in the last fourteen months either, and thanks to Jay, she’s not talking without a fight. And round two with this chick is not what I want.

On December twelfth last year, Agent Larch reported that she may have found one of the last of Grey’s initial patients, still going under the name of Danielle Smith. Larch kept a stakeout on the patient for several days, because we weren’t sure we had the right person. After all, we’d been looking for a medium-height, obese high-school drop-out, not a short, gym-nut paralegal. Somebody ought to find out just how much Grey’s treatments effected the human side of his patients, because pretty much everybody who got his treatment in BC all ended up with the same issue: either much taller or much shorter, often with real noticeable changes to the face and mannerisms, and all of them fit like body builders. Never saw that with any of his patients before or after his BC test subjects.

At the time Larch found her, the patient was renting a house on a 40-acre property out in the middle of nowhere, and that’s probably how she was able to hide her false starts without anybody noticing.

We planned to meet the patient at her home on January 22nd and transport her from there, but she bolted and disappeared. She later told me that even in human form, she could smell our “inhumanness” from a distance, and that’s how come she ran.

We caught up with her on January 25th at a Vancouver Skytrain stop, where she gave us the slip again.

On February 25th, we got lucky: she appeared on local news when walking behind a television reporter during a weather forecast that Larch happened to be watching in her hotel room. This discovery led us to nearby Surrey B.C., where she was moving from one motel to the next, always paying in cash, and she spent most of her time on the move. When we finally caught her on February 27, we discovered she had a plane ticket to Halifax already purchased for that same day, and she had only an overnight bag with her.

We caught her near a train station in Surrey when she was on the way to the Vancouver airport. Scent-blockers were somewhat effective, but we still had to run after her for almost a mile down the track before she got tired and turned to fight. I tried to de-escalate the situation. I told her the truth, that she had been infected and that we needed to take her to a safe quarantine out in the woods until she could learn to control her changes. She responded positively to me, and we moved in to complete the capture.

Then Jay whispered something in her ear (he refuses to say what), and the patient completely lost her shit. She pepper sprayed Jay in the face, then tased him, then kicked him several times in the groin, chest and face, all before I could intervene. Then she started to upcycle, and she gouged out one of my damned eyes. Soon as I began to upcycle, she sliced through my jacket and shirt and started pulling out my intestines.

Jay called for Situation Control (SitCon Agents Alder and Dogwood for crowd control, Juniper for media interference, Larch for surveillance disruption). Then he also started to upcycle. Ferox abandoned the altercation with me and went ahead and sliced Jay’s jugular vein, and then she pinned him to the ground – both still upcycling – and she chewed through his belly. Then she stuck her hand inside his guts and started pulling out pieces of organs.

Back-up agents responded when neither Jay nor I made our scheduled call-in. There are too many injuries to list here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Me:
    • gouged eye,
    • disemboweled
  • Jay:
    • disemboweled,
    • throat cut,
    • liver lacerated,
    • perforated bowels,
    • one kidney removed,
    • possible appendectomy,
    • various cuts and bruises,
    • probably some other injuries to his thighs and his man bits (though he refuses to admit same)
  • Jane:
    • right elbow crushed (bitten by the patient),
    • left hand broken (also bitten by the patient)
  • Kapila:
    • concussion,
    • two broken vertebra,
    • broken shoulder blade (body slammed onto the tracks by the patient)
  • Graydon:
    • cheek bitten off,
    • wrist broken,
    • ankle sprained,
    • hamstring bitten through
  • Iago:
    • multiple stab wounds (clawed by the patient),
    • ear bitten off,
    • right eye punctured
  • Candy:
    • no injuries. Ran off like a long-tailed yellow-bellied rat bastard.
  • Ralph:
    • broken leg,
    • broken collarbone
  • Molly:
    • knee sprain (fell on the railroad track), but managed to stay human long enough to brain the patient with a railway tie
  • Uriah:
    • busted finger. He completed the capture by hogtying the patient to the railroad track and pumping her full of horse tranqs.

After one full cycle, all lycanthropic Wyrd agents were fully recovered. No injury or cross-infection among the human agents. Candy is currently confined to Varco Lake pending an investigation. Recommend dumping him in quarantine to teach him a thing or two about fighting.

I told Jay I ain’t never seen anybody so ferocious before, whether they were red blooded werewolves like us or one of Grey’s synthetic dogs. Jay said she was a whole new breed of her own, and called her Homo Ferox after something he’d read in The Once and Future King. Considering what she looks like when she’s in fur and fangs, the name really stuck.

God help ‘em all in quarantine, once we dump her off.

Other notes:

  • Recommend fast-tracking Larch for promotion to lycanthrope.
  • Recommend relocating Jay to foreign field kill/capture ops, at least until all this BS is done.
  • Recommend reclassifying Ferox as rogue and executing her. The others in quarantine won’t stand a chance, once she gets pissed.


Angela Burley, interim chief field ops coordinator.