Thursday, 29 January 2015

Proof that Babysitting Can Be Hazardous To Your Health (Episode 10)

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I was called in as back-up for someone else on another surveillance job in the BC Interior. Great view. Bad burger. Spent most of my time with a laptop literally on my lap top because I couldn’t get off the toilet for sixteen hours.

TMI, I know.

God, I hate my job.

I wonder if you can volunteer for quarantine? Can’t be any worse than what I’m dealing with now.

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Why? What’s going on now? You okay???

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It’s a long story and Larch asked me not to talk about it.

Skip it. Just call it a really stressful field op. At least I’m over the food poisoning.

Anyhow, I got back about an hour ago, and I started looking over your emails. Then I went back to the reports to confirm if “Wyndham Farms” is the actual name of the quarantine.

I came across this instead, and I nearly crapped my pants. Again.

Wyndham Kill/Capture/Quarantine Report
Preliminary Information
Case file: JLR
Name: John or Luke Reid
AKA: Padre
Added to k/c/q list: September 5th, 2009
Date of capture: December 6th, 2009

Metrics at time of kill/capture/quarantine
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs
Age: 43
Sex: cis-male
Location of capture: Elmbury, Ontario
Occupation: unemployed, indigent
Infection status: confirmed

Wyrd Agent(s) Assigned
Primary: Bridget Carnegie, Hector Two-Trees Jr. (Agent Maple)
Secondary: Agent Larch (SitCon)
Status: Successful Capture. Interned in quarantine.

Suspected Vector(s):

1) Confirmed patient of Dr. Grey. 2) (enter name)
3) (enter name)

Capture notes:

Following up on original patient list, which had entries for Luke Reid and John Reid. Both of no fixed address. Both had the same birthdate and height, very similar weight. No pictures attached with the file, but we knew either the same person went back to Dr. Grey twice, or they were twins.

Further investigation showed that Luke and John both have substantial police records in Ontario and B.C., with some counts of assault and petty theft in Alberta as well.

Even more investigation showed that several of the charges were dismissed in court as police could not confirm whether it was John or Luke who had been at the scene of the crime, or the cases had been dismissed due to a lack of other evidence, such as fingerprints or DNA samples.

Attached are recent newspaper articles highlighting how one brother would always have a very public alibi while the other committed the crime. Should one brother be caught, the other would always be within the same city, if not within the same block, and would always attend his brother’s trial.

According to patient notes, Luke was first diagnosed with lung cancer in June of 2006. In August of the same year, John was also diagnosed for lung cancer. Both being homeless at the time, both being diagnosed but untreated for lung cancer, Dr. Grey contacted them and began treatment. He had originally hoped to use them in a double-blind study (both twins given treatment, but one of them was given a placebo only), but then for whatever reason, he gave the treatment to both.

It is important to note that John Reid is/was married to one Catherine Anne Mission, by whom he has a daughter. Both women are currently listed on the kill/capture/quarantine list as well. The other brother is not known to have married or had any children.

We were unable to locate either brother for several weeks. We knew only that they had originated from and often returned to Elmbury, Ontario, where they’d been born and raised. I had assigned Agent Larch to remain in town for some time while she interviewed citizens and neighbours about the pair’s habits. Most of the interviewees were familiar with the twins due to their criminal and violent past, but none could provide further information.

However, on the night of November 4th, from Larch we received word of an extremely violent fight between two large wild animals in a public park in the middle of Elmbury, near an abandoned paper mill. The mill is often used by homeless people for shelter in winter. Police were dispatched, and there they discovered the partially consumed remains of both a human male and “a large wolf-dog hybrid”. Police quickly closed off the park and labelled it as a biohazard area.

There were, reportedly, very few remains to be found. One interviewed officer claimed that there was only a half of the dog left, and less than that remaining of the man.

The officer went on to speculate that a man out walking his dog had been attacked by a pack of rabid coyotes or wolves and died as a result. Coyotes had been seen in recent weeks, including in that park. Traps were then set to capture the animals in order to test for rabies and other contagions.

I left Agent Two-Trees to assist with the crime scene, as he was acting in his official capacity as RCMP special officer and forensic anthropologist. An ATS field blood test showed that the deceased was positive for early-stage lycanthropy, and most likely was one of Dr. Grey’s patients.

Two-Trees officially arranged to have the remains removed. But, to ensure zero physical contact, he had Agent Larch engineer a fire on scene to destroy as much contaminated evidence as possible, before the biohazard clean-up crew arrived.

At that time, we were unable to confirm that there had been one or two male remains at the scene, due to the condition of the body (or bodies) and due to the fact that twins have the same DNA. Since both were also patients of Dr. Grey, both would test positive for ATS. With more resources and better equipment, Dr. Burton has assured me we could determine some epigenetic variation between them, but without access to some prior DNA evidence, we still wouldn't know which DNA set matched with "Luke" and which with "John."

Sometime after midnight on the morning of December 6th, I and Two-Trees were sitting in a coffee shop approximately eight blocks from the park where the body was found. An officer entered to order coffee for those first responders who were still managing the scene. We overheard his police radio reporting a car theft, with tracks in the snow nearby. These tracks the dispatcher said, led the responding constable to believe that the suspect was barefoot.

Two-Trees and I immediately left the coffee shop and went to that area, but the tracks stopped where the tire tracks began. It was impossible at that time to continue tracking the car, due to police barricades and to a snow storm. We did continue to search the area to the best of our ability, hoping to backtrack to the scene of the crime and determine that the car theft had been committed by a survivor from that scene at the mill.

What we found instead was a crashed car, driver’s door open, inside a parish graveyard near the edge of town. I had originally assumed that the suspect had ditched the car and then fled on foot toward the housing development under construction, which was approximately 500 metres to the south of the church. Two-Trees, being very familiar with the Elmbury area himself, suggested that the suspect might first try to break into the church, which is known in the county for its poverty outreach programs and which often gives out free food and clothes to people in need.

We then discovered that the locked church door had been broken outward and that the solid iron handle and hinges had been bent. This confirmed that we were indeed dealing with one of Dr. Grey’s patients, as they exhibit superhuman strength even while in human form.

With Two-Trees covering the same exit, I then proceeded into the church in search of the intruder. I heard a voice inside one of the confessionals, crying and praying. I approached with weapon drawn, and found the surviving Reid brother in a corner of a confessional, naked, praying and begging for forgiveness. When he saw me, I began to ask him to come with me, quietly and calmly. He sniffed the air, called me an abomination like himself, then began to upcycle and attack, knocking the gun from my hand. Despite his speed and desperation, I was able to quickly subdue him. (I sat on him.) With him thus captured but with me very quickly up-cycling, Two-Trees entered and gained control of the situation, using negotiation and a mild dose of etorphine which left the target semi-alert and compliant.

It was further determined, en route to our Halifax facility, that the target had not yet completed his false starts. But, as with the other Grey patients, he has little to no memory of his past. We asked if he remembered having a wife or children, and he said it was possible, but that he could not remember. And since his criminal and personal history is so similar to his brother’s, we were unable to prompt him with any other questions that might remind him which brother he is.

He does remember, in stark detail, how he killed his own brother. He just doesn't know which brother he is.

Two hours after his capture, the target thanked us for picking him up, and he promised to be compliant with all that was required of him, for our safety, and “for the safety of all mankind”. En route, he did have several false starts, which made him break out in fur and fangs, and which made him laugh in an unnerving manner, but to our surprise, he quickly began to create self-calming techniques like prayer and meditation to pull himself back from a complete change.

He was, however, in a state of extreme despair and regret, as the only memory he had was that of killing his own brother with his hands and teeth, and flashbacks triggered false starts, panic attacks, and self-destructive behaviours.

Other notes:

Trapped in a vehicle with man screaming “Oh God no! Oh God no! Oh God no!” for 36 straight hours is enough to convert the pope to atheism.


B. Carnegie

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Hell of a story, but I don’t get why it would make you want to crap your pants.

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Because I remember those brothers. When I was a kid, I used to see them walking together downtown, and people would cross the road to get out of their way.

I remembering hearing the news that police had confirmed the dental remains of two bodies down at Pritchard Park, and how they identified them as Luke and John Reid. I’d always figured it was karma that caught up with them, or maybe that they’d gotten drunk and set each other on fire or something.

I had no idea one of the brothers got up and walked away…let alone became a werewolf.

And I used to babysit his daughter. I was back home at Embury on four months sick leave when all this was happening, and I had direct contact with a patient of Dr. Grey. I took that little girl swimming.


I’ve gotta go look for a kill/capture request for myself now.