Monday, 19 January 2015

The Moldova Incident (Episode 8)

Sent: Mon 2014-09-08 @ 9:13 PM
From: Pine
To: Sumac2
Subject: Re: Who knew accounting could be so exciting?

You need me to find out right now about where Ishmael is coming in from? Don't know if I can find out what he was up to, but I can look.

But I was planning on taking the night off for a change. I’ve got the boyfriend over. It’s getting harder and harder to make excuses for why I work so late, especially if I’m supposably just some data auditor for a paper products company, right?

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To: Pine’s backup addy
Subject: Re: Who knew accounting could be so exciting?

No, do it whenever you get a chance. No sense rushing it. If there was an outbreak in eastern Europe, Ishmael wouldn’t be coming home unless it was already taken care of and the damage already done. I just want to know how much it’s going to cost for us to handle the clean-up.

I wish that caller would give up. Think I may have to change my number or something. He called three times in the last hour before I finally pulled the cord out of the wall.


Sent: Tue 2014-09-09 @ 8:02 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac2
Subject: Holy blood bath, Batman.

First, do not freak out. Yes, I went into the archives, and no, I didn't go onto the servers. I made a back-up of the hacked archives days ago, and I searched through those. So if there's anything new on Ishmael's mission, I don't know about it.

Secondly, shame on me. To think I used to believe werewolves were as human as we are. Ishmael's no different from the rest of them, after all.

No, he's worse than the rest of them, combined.

Between him and Jay, they killed over 350 people. In one mission.

And Ishmael brought back trophies from every single kill.

I called in sick.

~Never Give Up...Never Surrender.~
Sent: Tue 2014-09-09 @ 8:22 AM
From: Sumac’s Other Email Addy
To: Pine’s backup addy
Subject: Re: Holy blood bath, Batman

What are you talking about? 350???! I would have seen that on the books somewhere. You don't slaughter that many people without the world knowing about it, not without one hell of a lot of resources.

That's not a mission. That's a terrorist attack. That's a fricking act of war.

Get off the drugs, go back, check again.


Sent: Tue 2014-09-09 @ 9:27 AM
From: Pine
To: Sumac2
Subject: Re: Holy blood bath, Batman.

It happened before your time, and almost before my time.

In early 2005, there was a massive outbreak in Eastern Europe, and all the victims went and hid in some Soviet-era mines. Another quarantine, maybe, or just a colony of survivors, I don't know.

First I thought the outbreak might have something to do with Dr. Grey, since most of his victims started appearing late 2008, just a couple of years after all this went down.

Then I thought maybe this was a result of some late-era Soviet experimentation, y'know, the super-soldier-type experiments during the Cold War? I mean, how else do you suddenly grow 350 new werewolves without anyone knowing about it?

Now I'm thinking it's some combination of the two. Maybe "Dr. Grey" is an alias for some scientist who defected to Canada and continued the Russian experiments.

Either way, that outbreak was so big they deployed Jay and Ishmael and three dozen human agents to clean up the mess. And once it was over, the Executive Council buried it, and all records expunged from the official field operations archives. Aside from these Exec records, there are only redacted memos referring to The Moldova Incident.

Now, I don't know if they were engaged in the world's biggest pissing contest or what, but this Exec Council report makes it sound like Jay and Ishmael were trying to see who was the bigger badass. And, according to the report, Ishmael won.

The order was: go there, contain the outbreak, destroy all new lycanthropes with extreme prejudice. Two guys to do all the killing as fast as inhumanly possible, and thirty-six of us to handle the clean up.

Lining up this timeline against my own calendar, I realized I was involved in this. I had to go pick up Jay from the airport, once he came back from Moldova. I’d had no idea where he’d been or what he was doing. All I remember was seeing this sick grin on his face, and the way his eyes kind of rolled back whenever he smiled - and he'd smile at nothing, just all of a sudden, like he's reliving his best one night stand. Seriously, he put the “lust” in “bloodlust”. Still makes my skin crawl just to think about it.

And he brought back with him this box. It was big, but it wasn't heavy, and it sounded like it was full of kids' sandals. All I had to do was pick it up from the airport and drive him and the box to his own car back in Vancouver.

Turns out the box was full of RIGHT EARS. I'd been carrying a box of HUMAN EARS.

All because Jay decided that he was going to prove his badassness by bringing back the right ear of every victim so the council could get an accurate count.

Men's ears. Women's ears with earrings still in them. Children's ears, Sumac. He stood there in the Exec Council, giggling like a madman, saying that he'd brought them all a souven-ear from abroad.

I can't begin to tell you what kind of a morning I've been having.

According to this report, after showing off his box of trophies, Jay started this rumour in the Council that Ishmael has gone soft, and that he's going to fake the deaths of the rest of the Moldovans and bribe the human agents into saying he's successfully killed the lycanthropes. But instead of killing the new lycanthrophes, so said Jay Ear-Hunter, Ishmael was going to start his own little commune – like a Wyrd Europe or something.

So what does Ishmael do?

Ishmael completes his mission. Then he goes and buys this huge battery operated refrigerator. He labels it “Organs for transplant, do not remove power supply” or whatever. He poses as a doctor with Médicins Sans Frontières, gets on a commercial flight, drives himself to Varco Lake, and then he walks right into the Council chambers with the fridge on a trolley.

Inside the refrigerator, it’s complete and total horror show.

First he pulls out a foot. Then a hand. Then a heart. Then another foot. Then he pulls out a testicle. And then he pulls out a half-changed head, not just to prove that he killed a small town's worth of innocent people, but to show that he made sure they were lycanthropic, first. The Council report decides to check the DNA of all these body parts, the ears and everything else. This Dr. Gil Burton guy, at Varco Lake, he confirmed that every trophy was genetically distinct from the other, so neither Jay nor Ishmael double-dipped any of the corpses. That confirmed they killed 353 people between them. Then Burton goes on to see if all the victims were lycanthropic.

Ishmael's set? 100% werewolves. So yeah, good for him - creepy bastard.

And Jay? Thirty of his victims are human, meaning that he's missed thirty lycanthropes, and they're still overseas making more lycanthropes. So yay, great, job security for us. Maniac.

And the sickest part? Every one of Jay's captured ears has his saliva on them, which either means he tore their ears off while he was in his wolf-form, or he has a fetish, and I still haven't finished vomiting.

As for Ishmael's victims? Not a trace of saliva. He says he killed them all while he was still human. Looked every one of them in the eye and killed them. Six-inch barbed blade, the report says. He even made his own weapons for the job. Stick the blade in the lycanthrope's heart, and it doesn't matter how many times he or she changes, the knife will still be there, tearing up the organs until death.

But the absolute worst part about all this?

Some of the body parts Ishmael brought back were too small to be adult.

Ishmael killed even the kids he suspected as being carriers. Just like he was told to do. He out-Jayed Jay.

To think I used to think so bloody high of Ishmael.

“Take my number in case Jay tries anything stupid with you,” he says.

“Why kill a rogue when you can turn him into a wage earner?” he says.

"Nothing is ever what it seems to be," he says. I call BS.

I mean, what did those kids ever do to deserve slaughter and mutilation like that? And who the hell orders too men to go out and kill that many people, especially when there are kids involved?

Jay is all hot rage, but Ishmael's just...cold evil.

Hell, maybe they’re going to LaGuardia to pick up Ishmael and throw him in quarantine.

I hope he never gets out alive.

I hope he meets Ferox and gets his ass handed to him.

Sent: Tue 2014-09-09 @ 9:34 AM
From: Sumac’s Other Email Addy
To: Pine’s backup addy
Subject: Re: Holy blood bath, Batman

So what, you're saying that you think agents are going to pick up Ishmael to bring him to quarantine, because of something he did in 2005?

Dude, think about it. He was promoted to Field Ops Manager in 2006. He's been FOps Manager ever since. You don't promote someone you think is a sadistic murderer.

I mean, not unless a sadistic murderer is just what you need to keep other lycanthropes in check.

But he is sick as ^#@$, I'll give you that. He's not a loose cannon, but he is sick in the head.

Still looking forward to promotion to lycanthrope?

But you do bring up an interesting point. You say Jay let thirty lycanthropes escape. Maybe they're out there terrorizing Eastern Europe, and Wyrd sent Ishmael out to clean up Jay's mess. Maybe that's why Burley is covering as FOps for Ishmael until he comes back.

Hell, maybe he's bringing back Jay, and he needs backup at the airport to take him down.

...I'm still shudder-retching at the thought of Jay and those ears, though. All I can think of is ear wax.


Sent: Tue 2014-09-09 @ 2:42 PM
From: Pine
To: Sumac2
Subject: Weird thought just now

Me again.

Beginning to wonder if maybe all those people in quarantine have a disease that’s killing off lycanthropes.

Maybe they were all previously undiscovered lycanthropes, and Dr. Grey tried to invent a cure, but it backfired and made them crazy.

Makes sense, doesn't it? From an epidemiology perspective?

Sane werewolves control their own population, and they stay under cover. But if werewolves go nuts, they'll go on a rampage and attack more people. The more people they attack, the more likely they are to pass on there disease.

Wyrd catches up with them, and for the sake of keeping the existence of lycanthropes a secret, they'll take out the crazy werewolves, put them far, far away from Varco Lake, so they can't infect their fellow lycanthrope.

I mean, Wyrd is good at containing panics, right? Can’t have a panic among fellow lycanthropes, especially if they think there’s a new disease that could wipe them all out.

Maybe it’s like the ebola of werewolfism or something. Lycanthropic rabies.

...Shit...what if Ishmael caught it?

Think about it. He can kill and mutilate the better part of 350 people when he's sane. He can make people disappear and die off a crowded New York City with zero witnesses.

Can you imagine what he could do if he went crazy?

Oh, and you know that unidentified caller?

Now he's calling my cell.

~Never Give Up...Never Surrender.~