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Who Watches the Watchers (Episode 4)

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I’ve been going through all these reports. I can’t help myself. I keep looking through the news reports to see if any one of the victims had been reported missing.

Dude, almost none of them have a missing person's report. Most of them were homeless people, or Native women, or had no families, or nobody cared. Some of them were runaways that no one bothered to report to the police. How do you not report your own child missing?

God, humanity sucks, sometimes.

Okay, well, almost no one was reported missing.

There was this one private detective who actually got damned close to finding out information about this Dr. Grey guy. I’m looking at another one of these kill/capture reports for her, too. She was reported missing and there was a vigil for her and everything, but after about three months, all but the most dedicated friends had given up. All that's left is a Facebook page hoping she'll show up eventually.

They're going to be disappointed.

Maybe it's better left as a cold case.

You remember me telling you about this guy, Dep, who punched a werewolf in the crotch?

Well, turns out Dep’s great-uncle paid twice for Dr. Grey’s treatment. Once for his own wife, and once for Dep’s brother. And then the whole family went missing over the next nine months, and that pissed off a certain private detective, because, unlike Dr. Grey, she never got paid. And then she went missing.

See, first Dep's brother got sick, like leukemia or some other kind of congenital blood cancer. His father was broke - unemployed, alcoholic, on parole, blah blah, real piece of work - so if it wasn't covered by government medical insurance, he wouldn't get it for his own son. Dep got into a fight with him about it, and his father kicked him out.

Couple of months later, the great-uncle steps in. According to the reports, he basically bribed the father into surrendering custody of Dep's brother. Great-uncle gets in touch with Dr. Grey, or maybe the other way around, I don't know. Reports are pretty hazy about the timing. But it was after Grey treats the old man's wife, so I figure, the great-uncle must have already know about Grey and knew how to contact him to offer a second test subject.

Anyhow, it was a few days after that when Dep and his father appeared at the hospital, and that's when Dep just crushed his own father in that fight they had. Dep goes to jail, Great-uncle bails him out, Dep goes disappearing again. Skips bail. Great-uncle calls up a bounty hunter. Technically, she's a private investigator, but she's out to collect the bounty.

Skip forward another couple of weeks. The second son has disappeared, right from the hospital. The great-uncle calls police. The police do a pretty basic investigation, but then Dep’s dad says both Dep and his brother had moved to Ontario or something. So the police just let the investigation drop.

So Dep’s great-uncle calls up that bounty hunter to go looking for Dep's brother, too.

And then the great-uncle’s wife disappears, so he calls police again. But when the police come to take his statement, the uncle is now missing. Four people, gone like the wind, all within a few weeks of each other.

There was a note in the great-uncle's printer, telling everyone that he and his wife were going on a much needed trip overseas to get away for a couple of months. Something about being exhausted and traumatized by so much family drama or something.

And then! And then the great-uncle himself calls police to ask them to cancel the investigation!

He says found his two nephews, he's found his wife, and he's kicking back in Bermuda. At first, the cops don't believe it's him, but then he starts listing details about how he bailed out Dep from jail, how much bail was, and the name and phone number of the bounty hunter. So all four missing persons cases are chucked out a window.

But the private investigator got pissed. She wanted to get paid, but her client was nowhere to be found, so she did some digging of her own.

A family friend told the bounty hunter that Mrs. Great-Uncle had been suffering from cancer of one kind or another – they figured it was either liver or pancreas, they couldn’t remember. Then they went to see this new doctor. Four months later, the woman was cancer free. Six months after treatment, she was running marathons for charity. At seven months, she was charged with assault and disrupting the peace when she started bitch-slapping people in a spa. At eight months, she was arrested for clawing some old woman’s face so badly that her face needed stitches. At nine months, she disappeared. A couple of days later, her husband went missing, too.

The PI asked, “So who is this doctor? You think his new treatment made her go crazy?” And they said they only knew him as Dr. Grey. Didn’t know if he was affiliated with any hospital or research facility. Didn’t even know his first name.

But the family friends also said her behaviour sounded a bit like withdrawal, or complications from her medications. They figured that Mr. and Mrs. Great-Uncle had flown off to some super-secret rehab facility in Bermuda to get her straightened out.

So the PI was at another dead end.

A couple of days later, the family friend calls her up. She says that Dr. Grey would only take cash. Provincial Health Care wouldn’t cover it. And it was a lot of cash. They didn’t know how much, they didn’t know what kind of a treatment it was.

Interesting, but still a dead end.

So she goes back to the original case, the one she was hired for: find Dep. She figures, maybe if she can find Dep, she’ll be able to learn where everybody else had gone.

That’s when she went back to the original assault charge. The police report said that the whole blow-up between Dep and his father was because Dep was suspicious of this Dr. Grey, who had been treating Dep’s brother. Remember, Great-Uncle bribed Dad to keep Dep's brother in hospital, so Dad's not going to risk giving up free money just because his upstart healthy son has his knickers in a knot. And Dep and brother have gone missing since Grey's treatment.

Which makes her realize: there's one person who never went missing.

So, she goes out to the father’s house and what does she find?

Signs of a struggle, some blood on the front door step. She breaks into his house and sees the place is in shambles. Someone packed up all his papers into the middle of the floor and set them on fire. And the father is now missing.

At this point, she is now pissing in her pants, because she knows she’s hit on something big, right?

She gets out of there, calls the police to report that Dep’s father may now be missing too, and she drives straight home in Ottawa.

She poses as a pharmaceutical company administrator makes a few more phone calls to see what more she can learn about Dr. Grey. She calls up Montreal General Hospital, where Dep’s brother was being treated, and finds out from the hospital administrator that he was a very respectable PhD who was backfilling for another oncologist at the time. They said he had decades of experience in molecular biology research, but had switched back to medical practice for the last ten years of his career. And the last thing they knew, he was now retired to be with his wife, who just happened to be dying of brain cancer. They gave her a forwarding address, if she “still wanted to hire him for her pharmaceutical company,” but they doubted he’d be interested because of his age and the illness of his own wife.

Wyrd, in the meantime, is listening in on all the bounty hunter's calls. That same night, around four in the morning, they bust in, grab her, and throw her into a truck toward quarantine. Twenty-four hours later, her mother calls police to report a missing person's case.

But like I said, they left the case as unsolved. I don't know if anyone made the connection between the missing persons' cases in Montreal and her own disappearance...but it's more likely that someone was told not to make that connection, and everything was hushed up.

Which makes me wonder just how powerful Wyrd really is...


The bounty hunter made it two days before succumbing to her injuries. Turns out she was hurt before she went into quarantine. She put up a fight with Jay and Angie Burley when they came to capture her. And we all know they don’t play nice.

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and u want to keep digging into this…r u crazy or r u suicidal?

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Of course I'm going to keep digging.

I’m pissed off.

Nobody should have this much power. Not even us.